URGENT ACTION: Support of UC Berkeley student divestment needed

If you have a moment thank the UC Berkeley Senate in their decision to approve the divestment resolution and express support to the President who is going to sign this bill.

We need you to SEND LETTERS OF SUPPORT to the Senate as well as the President because they are receiving a LOT of hate mail for supporting this bill. Let the senators know that we are incredibly thankful for the 16-4 vote. Let President Smelko know that there are many people on Cal”s campus, as well as the broader community, who view his signature on this bill as an historic moment.

The senate”s email is: senate[at]asuc.org
The president”s email is: president[at]asuc.org

Thank you all again, and PLEASE send these letters even if they are just one-liners!

Please read the press release and text of the bill by clicking here.

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