It is Time to Hear the Palestinian People

Israel”s dangerous and arrogant escalation in settlement building, house demolitions and evictions of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem indicates that the government of Netanyahu-Lieberman”s is pushing for overt clash and conflict– and demonstrates that it has absolutely no real intention of resuming peace negotiations.

Israel”s provocations are leading the region toward a violent period, at the same time that Palestinians expressed readiness to resume negotiations and the Arab League reaffirmed its commitment to the Arab Peace Initiative. However, those diplomatic overtures failed to end Israel”s construction of settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank and to safeguard the Palestinian character of Jerusalem.

Netanyahu”s government would not have dared to take such actions if the international community had promoted international law instead of providing cover for Israel”s apartheid policies.

However, the Palestinian popular response to Israel”s provocation proves that people”s mobilization can and must take the place where the international community has failed. Taking to the streets and overcoming internal divisions the Palestinian people poses a real challenge to Israel”s apartheid policies.

The AIC calls upon all democratic powers, civil society organizations and social movements throughout the world to initiate an immediate action to block the policies of Israel”s government, which push the situation towards another circle of violence and bloodshed.

Support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS): Solidarity with the Palestinian popular struggle. There can be no real peace or stability in the area unless the Israeli occupation is terminated and full recognition of Palestinian national rights, in accordance with international resolutions and law, is granted.

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