H&M opens Israel store amid calls to boycott European branches

More than 24 European and Middle Eastern pro-Palestinian organizations on Thursday condemned the opening of H&M’s flagship store in Israel and called to boycott the clothing chain’s stores in Europe in response.

The various organizations, from Belgium, Sweden, Britain, Ireland, Denmark Palestine and even Israel, published a demand on the International Solidarity Movement Web site calling to boycott the European stores until H&M postpone the establishment of its stores Israel “until Israel respects international law in line with the UN resolutions.”

“H&M is thus investing in Israel at the same time as the UN Goldstone commission and international organizations that H&M is cooperating with, such as UNICEF and the UN, report about Israel?s crimes against international law and human rights, “the website wrote.

Chairperson of European Jews for a Just Peace, Dror Feiler, told the International Solidarity Movement that “H&M contributes to a shift of focus from Israel?s war crimes to that of fashion, investments and commerce.”

The call to boycott the European stores came as hundreds of Israelis stormed the new 2,000 square meters store on the third floor of the Azrieli shopping mall in Tel Aviv.

The Swedish clothing chain plans to open seven stores throughout the country, the first of which opened in Tel Aviv, and the second is due to open in Jerusalem, followed by Haifa, Petah Tikva, Netanya, and Rehovot.

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