BDS actions in Ireland announced

March 27th:

On Saturday 27th March the Dublin IPSC”s monthly Boycott & Divestment action will focus on Veolia (the operators of the LUAS tram line and several waste management projects) who are complicit in the building of a colonial-settler only light rail system in occupied East Jerusalem and who operate an Israeli landfill in the West Bank.

We are asking supporters to assemble at the St. Stephen”s Green Luas stop, Dublin 2 at 1.00pm where we will be giving information to the general public about Veolia”s operations in illegally occupied East Jerusalem, and asking the residents of Dublin to lobby their councillors in support of a motion at Dublin city Council that is asking the City Manager not to sign or renew any further contracts with Veolia until such time as they cease their involvement in Jerusalem”s Apartheid Rail system and in the illegal Tovlan landfill in the West Bank.

For full details about Veolia”s operations in illegally occupied Palestine and the Dublin City Council motion targetting Veolia please see the following link:

March 30th

On the evening of Tuesday 30th March the IPSC in Dublin will commemorate Palestinian Land Day by holding a solidarity picket outside the GPO on O”Connell Street from 5 – 7pm.

This year we will be marking the continued Palestinian resistance to Israel”s ongoing ethnic cleansing and land theft operations in Palestine. We ask you to join us for a couple of hours to stand in solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, Bil”in, Nil”in, Neve Tirtze, Iraq Bourin, “Awarta (the latter two villages saw the murder of 4 Palestinians by the Israeli army over the weekend) and the many other towns and villages resisting colonisation by the Israeli State.

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