First Anniversary of Divestment 2009 coming up!

February 7th marks the anniversary of Hampshire College’s divestment from the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, the first institution of higher education to wash its hands of the systematic exploitation of the Palestinian people by the Israeli state. To remember the occasion, Students for Justice in Palestine urges you to talk, inform and celebrate this historic event.

Things you can do for the anniversary include:

-Changing your status on Facebook to something like, “I remember Hampshire College’s Divestment from the Occupation.”

-Trending this post (permalink: here) and the facebook event we’ve created on twitter, under #divestment2009 or something similar

-Read & educate yourself about the situation as it stands today at sites like:

Electronic Intifada
US Campaign to End the Occupation

-Talk to friends and family members–spread the word

-And of course, if you’re looking to organise your own divestment campaign or simply join the international solidarity movement, check out some of our fabulous fellow activists over at Palestine Freedom Project, the above-mentioned US Campaign, and Jewish Voice for Peace, to start.

We hope, in the spirit of “remembrance,” that this day is not simply memorialised in and of itself–for itself–but serves as an inspiration for current and future struggles against injustice, both transnationally and locally–like the divestment campaigns going on at so many other schools and institutions, but also other movements which demand our solidarity just as much as we ask for theirs.

“I cannot dissociate myself from the fate reserved for my brother,” said Fanon. “Every one of my acts commits me as a man. Every instance of my reticence, every instance of my cowardice, manifests the man.”

Like Fanon (though today we might perhaps change the orientation towards ‘men’, to be sure), any memory of injustice is also simultaneously a call to action in the present. Sunday, February 7th, should be a day to imagine how to carefully and skillfully respond to the demands of Palestinian civil society, and to consider the role we have in our own communities, our own relationships, as people concerned with justice.

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