TAKE ACTION: Ask Costco to stop selling Israeli clementines

It has come to my attention that Costco is now selling clementines that have been imported from Israel. This is a very simple process and we all know that it takes less than 5 minutes to make a difference and let Costco know what we think of their deals with Israel. Please write (contact information is on the INFO tab of the group), make a phone call, or both. Let us know how Costco responds:

Here is a letter that I received from a fellow activist:


Such a simple action! I called 425-313-8100 and spoke with Mark DeCosta in produce. I told him that I was calling because I saw that Costco was selling clementines from Israel. I explained very politely that there is an international boycott against Israeli products because of the ongoing genocide there. I mentioned the attack on Gaza a year ago, that 1,400 people were killed there, and that Israel restricts food, electricity and drinking water. Mark was very receptive, and said he would pass the message o the buyer in California, and also gave me her number. I’ll call her tomorrow and would be happy to hear that other folks might do the same.

Buyer: Pat Burlinguette


Costco Contacts
425-313-8100 and 800-774-2678

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