Freeze Flashmob to promote Boycott Israel in Dutch supermarket

It was a busy Thursday night on the 28th of January in the big supermarket Albert Heijn in Utrecht (Holland). A group of Dutch activists surprised the management with a Freeze Flashmob in the middle of the shop.

Well, they were not really surprised that something happened, obviously they had been told that something was about to happen, cause the police was outside the supermarket and the shop attendants were definitely expecting something. But WHAT, they didn’t really know.

At the sound of a whistle the whole group of activists took an Israeli product and FROOZE, staring at the products in disbelieve that Albert Heijn still sells Israeli products!

Other people in the supermarket were quite confused and noticed the green t-shirts saying : Don’t buy Israeli apartheid.

The sound of a second whistle started the group to take all Israeli products in their carts and while whistling a song they all moved to the exit where the products were piled up and left with a strong message: We do not want Israeli products in OUR supermarkets. We cant do business as usual with Israel as long as it commits war crimes and doesn’t comply with international law.

As our camera women were seriously disturbed by the supermarket security and the management, it was not easy to capture the Flashmob as we had wanted, but here is the result:

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