Where will boycott show up next?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Stories about boycotts of goods produced in Israeli settlements have been popping up all over the place recently.

Here’s just a few examples. Yesterday, we let you know about an article on Ahava at CNNMoney. CNN refused to say whether there is an official boycott of Ahava in the United States–something which our supporters were quick to correct them on–but did mention other boycott campaigns as well as the controversy surrounding Oxfam’s decision to drop Kristin Davis as a spokesperson because of her role as spokesperson for Ahava. Ironically, just a few days before the CNN article, Electronic Intifada posted a story entitled “Boycott of Ahava Dead Sea products makes an impact.” A quick Google search by the author of the CNN piece would have revealed this!

A few days ago, the Associated Press distributed a story about Palestinians boycotting Israeli settlement products, which was picked up by YNet News, the website of Israel’s largest daily newspaper.

And today, Ha’aretz is reporting that the “British government has issued an official recommendation urging business owners to mark Israeli products produced in West Bank settlements so that consumers who want to boycott such items will find it easy to identify them.” BBC is also carrying the story.

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