Victory – Credo Mobile Hangs Up On Moto!

Last week we found out that Credo Mobile, a telephone service provider that claims to be guided by progressive values, stopped offering Motorola phones to their customers after complaints from our supporters. This is a major victory in our campaign to boycott Motorola for profiting from Israeli occupation and apartheid against Palestinians! Please take a moment to thank Credo for this decision.

Hang Up On Motorola organizers have been contacting Credo about joining our boycott for over a year. Last week US Campaign member group CODEPINK met with Credo and was assured that Motorola phones would no longer be offered. We’re thrilled that people looking for a progressive phone service now have a Motorola-free option!

What does Credo will no longer offering Motorola phones mean?

It means that Credo will no longer be supporting a corporation that is responsible for providing infrastructure to West Bank settlements and facilitating Israeli military attacks on Palestinians. Click here to thank Credo for dropping Motorola. Find out more about Motorola’s involvement in Israel’s occupation by watching our new video. We were inspired to ask award-winning documentary film-maker Adam Shapiro to make this video after seeing Motorola’s outrageous new commercial for its Droid phone. In this advertisement, Moto shows its phones being shot to Earth from stealth bombers. This commercial is shockingly close to reality; as our video shows, bombs enabled with Motorola fuzes were actually dropped by Israel on Gaza from F-16s. Click here to watch our video or click here to send it to a friend.

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