As Americans are in the annual frenzy of Christmas shopping, they must be reminded of those less fortunate. They must be reminded of those actually living in the Land that Jesus called home and what has become of that land and its people.

The Christmas season is supposed to be a time of love and giving. Buying Israeli goods or supporting Israeli”s working illegally in almost every mall across the nation destroys the very meaning of what Christmas is meant to be.

Every year around Christmas, hundreds of Israelis – most of them 20- and 30-something singles on tourist visas – come to work illegally in the U.S. Most sell products that require demonstration in shopping mall carts across the country. And while a raging national debate over undocumented workers turns mostly on Hispanic illegals, the situation of the Israeli “Christmas” workers remains under the radar.

These enterprising young Jewish men and women, who don”t celebrate these holidays themselves, try to make fast cash by pitching their wares to holiday consumers. Their product lines encompass a wide range of items such as mineral cosmetics, hair-straightening irons, sunglasses, toys and more.

“The Israelis dominate malls in which demonstrations of products is needed because of their excellent salesmanship,” said Yaron, an Israeli owner of more than 40 shopping carts across the country. He is living in the U.S. legally but has hired hundreds of undocumented Israelis to work for him over the past 10 years. Yaron is satisfied with the results. “They have the Israeli chutzpah; they are not embarrassed,” he said.

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The Christian community of Palestine has called for a boycott and isolation of Israel. I urge you to support that call.

There are products to boycott … HERE you can read about the “top ten” companies to keep away from, and the reasons why.

There are THOUSANDS of other reasons to join in to support this boycott….. THIS is what you support with every dollar that comes to Israel. Is that what you really want? Is that the spirit of Christmas you were brought up with? Somehow, I think not.

You can make Christmas, and every day of the year, a truly glorious day for the people of Palestine. You are the only ones that can stop the continual persecution and destruction of an entire nation. Just say NO to Israeli products. Say NO to apartheid. Say NO to murder. Say NO to zionism! Remember that the zionists continue to kill the family of Jesus with their genocidal policies. DON”T SUPPORT THOSE POLICIES!

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