Settlement goods confiscated in Jericho

Published today (updated) 16/12/2009 19:03

Jericho – Ma”an – Large quantities of settlement-bought products were confiscated and destroyed on Wednesday in Jericho, following a market inspection undertaken by customs officers, the Palestinian ministries of health and economy, in cooperation with the PA preventative security.

The ministries said in a statement that the confiscated illegal settlement goods amounted to approximately 50,000 US Dollars, adding that a prior market inspection in the north of the West Bank led to the seizure of further settlement goods estimated at 148, 248 Israeli Shekels.

The items seized included cosmetics such as make up and body lotion, children’s toys and expired food which were all additionally deemed unfit for human use or consumption, having exceeded their expiration date, the statement added.

Additionally, in Nablus, customs officials confiscated large quantities of sweets bought from the nearby Barkan settlement.

The goods seized on Wednesday were destroyed in accordance with decisions taken by the Palestinian Ministerial Council.

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