Setting the Record Straight on Ahava: According to CNN, Ahava won’t say whether they’re being boycotted in the United States

Thursday, December 10, 2009

CNN has decided that Ahava has a good business model.

Not only that, but they apparently “transcend politics and ecology,” according to this article published at

CNN fails to explain how stealing resources from Palestinian land and building factories in illegal colonies on occupied territory constitutes “transcending politics.” Looks like politics as usual to us. Especially fascinating is CNN’s take on the boycott of Ahava, initiated by US Campaign member group CODEPINK and officially endorsed by the US Campaign at our 8th Annual National Organizers’ Conference in Chicago in September 2009.

Here’s the CNN article on boycott:

“Ahava faces political challenges that don’t arise for most Western lifestyle brands…. Although Ahava won’t say whether its merchandise has ever been officially boycotted in the U.S., other Israeli products have recently sparked protests. In June, a pro-Palestinian group called Don’t Buy Into Apartheid called for a boycott of Trader Joe’s grocery stores because the company sells Israeli frozen cilantro and other products. And in August the New York Post claimed that Oxfam International, a leading humanitarian organization, had dumped celebrity spokesperson Kristin Davis because of her affiliation with Ahava.”

Help us set the record straight. Find out more about the “Stolen Beauty” campaign against Ahava here. Read the article here. Leave a comment letting other readers know that Ahava violates international law and good conscience by making its products in an Israeli settlement and marketing them as “Made in Israel.” And let us know that you did it by commenting on our blog. Let’s make sure people know the ugly truth about Ahava!

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