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Promoting Palestinian Goods

Fair Trade Palestinian Olive Oil importers in Ireland – Mount of Olives

Other online stores:

Other Palestinian Suppliers:

Spices, legumes, dried fruits, olive oil:
Alnaser Food Products Company
Based in Jenin
Tel: +970 4 2453485
E-mail: naser[at]

Non-pork cold meats:
Al-Morouj Animal Feed Co., Ltd
Mohammad Abu Awad
Mobile: +972 599 988 144
Address: Industrial Zone, Ramallah, Palestine. P.O. Box 190
Telfax: +970 2 298 0470
E-mail: info[at]

Non-pork cold meats:
Al-Hayat Co. for Food Industries
Bethany-Palestine, P.O.Box 132
Tel: +970 2 2796804
Fax: +970 2 2799088
E-mail: hayafood[at]

Chips (tayto like) and similar snacks:
Qasrawi Chips
Tel: +970 2 2233950
(address etc in arabic)

All kinds of food products (chocolates, sweets, canned veg etc, mineral water,
dairy products…) its a big company:
Sinokrot Global Group
E-mail: ceo[at]
Tel: +972 2 2955702

Al-Arz Ice Cream Factory Company
3 Sufian St.
Tel: +970 9 2377677

For Olive Oil:
Union of Agricultual Work Committees
Said Janan (Marketing Coordinator)
Mobile: +972 50 5686065
E-mail: janan-s[at]
Tel: +970 2 2980316 and +970 2 2954289
Fax: +970 2 2965545

The UAWC have a well defined set of objectives and programmes it works with
toward agricultural and rural development.

These are their objectives:

1. Improving the rural communities’ income from agriculture.
2. Protecting the rights of farmers, land and water resources in the face of
natural disasters and policies that marginalize them.
3. Responding to emergencies, especially through limiting unemployment and
poverty rates while raising the level of food security.
4. Contribute in supporting and empowering rural women.
5. Improving UAWC’s capacity efficiency in working towards achieving its vision
(to maintain a food secure agricultural society, steadfast on its land while
living in a Palestinian sovereign independent state, and contributing
effectively in social, political and economic life without discrimination.)

For pickles:
Zadona (part of Sinokrot)
Tel: +970 2 2955702
E-mail: h-office[at]

More olive oil:
The National Company for Agro-Industries-Zayt
P.O.Box 3853 Al-Bireh, Palestine
Tel: +972 2 295 8410 / +972 2 295 8411
Fax: +972 2 295 8415
E-mail: info[at]

Dairy Products:
Al-Jebrini Dairy & Food Industry
Hebron, Palestine (by Israel)
P. O. Box 640
Tel: +972 2 2259612
Fax: +972 2 2291056
E-mail: info[at]

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