Palestinian group staging supermarket boycott

November 8, 2009

LONDON (JTA) — A pro-Palestinian group is staging a weeklong protest at two British supermarket chains to force them to stop selling Israeli products.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is calling this week for a boycott of the Morrison and Waitrose chains as part of a long-term campaign for an economic and cultural boycott of Israel. It coincides with a call by a Palestinian group called the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign for a week of global action against Israel’s security fence.

The activists are calling for a complete boycott of all Israeli goods in British supermarkets to last for “as long as Palestinian rights are denied by the apartheid regime” and for demonstrations at the chain’s branches and head offices.

In addition, the group is planning to “flood” the supermarkets’ help lines in a coordinated action Wednesday.

Activists were asked to come to demonstrate Friday in front of the North England headquarters of the chain, and to bring with them children”s clothes stained with blood, candles and placards.

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