National Week of Supermarket Boycott Actions, November 7-15


Phone-in Day Wednesday November 11

This coincides with a week of action called by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

It is time to step up the supermarket boycott campaign which calls for consumers to reject Israeli goods for as long as Palestinian rights are denied by the apartheid regime. We must specially oppose the stocking of produce from the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, which is stolen land. The excellent motion passed by the TUC Congress gives added impetus. The settlements are illegal under international law and goods originating there should not be on sale in the UK. The label “West Bank” is grossly misleading; some shoppers think they are buying Palestinian produce.

From November 7 to 15, PSC and other organisations across the UK are targeting Waitrose and Morrisons supermarkets in particular, as both refuse to discuss the question of settlement goods.

We aim to inundate them with calls to their HQs on Wednesday November 11. Note these numbers:
Morrisons Customer Services – 0845 611 6111
Waitrose Customer Services – 0800 188 884

Branches, groups and individual members can stage a range of actions during the weekends of November 7-8 and November 14-15, and any time in between:
o Write or deliver letters to the manager of your local store
o Write or email their headquarters
o Organise or join a demonstration at your local branch
o Set up a stall or hand out leaflets outside your local branch
o Deluge Morrisons and Waitrose with phone calls on Weds November 11
o Display photos, placards and other visual information making the case against Israeli apartheid
o Contact local media to publicise the campaign


If you have no Waitrose or Morrisons in your area, please raise the issue of Israeli and settlement goods in your local stores. In the case of M&S and the Co-op, encourage them to continue their existing policies of not stocking goods from illegal settlements but also not to stock Israeli goods at all.

Useful resources including model letters, videos of demos, pictures and links to background information are available via

Email: info[at] Tel: 02077006192

Relevant contact details:
Waitrose Customer Service (8 am – 10 pm Mon – Fri, 8 am – 9 pm Sat, 9 am – 7 pm Sun)
Freephone: 0800 188 884
Email: customer_service[at]
Waitrose Customer Service Dept, Waitrose Ltd, Doncaster Rd, Bracknell, Berks RG12 8YA

Morrisons Customer Service: 0845 611 6111
Head Office – 0845 611 5000
Email: Steven.Butts[at]
Morrisons’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) marc.bolland[at]
Registered office – Hillmore House, Gain Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 7DL

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