Motorola Droid Wins Most Ironic: New Droid commercial involves bombing farms, fishing boats

Well, the [tragic] irony has hit the fan. In a surreal move reminiscent of the Israeli cell phone company Cellcom’s ad depicting the apartheid wall, the latest commercial for Motorola’s new ‘Droid’ phone literally depicts a squadron of Stealth bombers delivering Droids like bombs onto unsuspecting farmers, motorists, and fishing boats.

It’s been a few months since Motorola announced its decision to sell its Israeli bomb fuze department, and Moto continues to produce communication and surveillance equipment for the Israeli army and settlers as well as components for UAV drones. So it’s apropos that they would advertise the new ‘Droid’ phone as a form of aerial assault:

Motorola technology helps the Israeli military drop real bombs–on real farmers, real motorists, and real fisherman. Find out more about the boycott of Motorola here, and learn the latest ways that you can take action against Motorola’s complicity in Israeli occupation and apartheid by clicking here. You can also comment on the irony of Droid bombshells on forums where people are discussing the new phone, such as this one.

Let fellow consumers know that the new Motorola phone really is the bomb.

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