publié le Wednesday 25 November 2009.

Milano, Brussels and London:

occupations and actions inside or in front of the “Maisons du Languedoc-Roussillon”

by the european BDS campaign demonstrating against the decision of LR Regional Council to settle Agrexco/Carmel in Sí¨te!


– The first direct connections taken by CCIPPP 153th mission (special Agreco/Carmel) which obtained:

– The decisive support of the BNC (Palestinian BNC National Committee) to the Coalition Against Agrexco/Carmel;

– The statement of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, denouncing the policies of Agrexco and the settlement of Agrexc/Carmel in Sí¨te

– The delegation (CIMADE, CCIPPP) to the BDS forum in Pisa, followed by the birth of the Italian “Coalizione contro l”Agrexco/Carmel” a few days later,

– The 8 hours for Palestine: For Employment and Against Agrexco/Carmel, on 10/10/09 in Montpellier , where our BNC Palestinian, Scotish and Italian comrades participated,

– The 11/10 gathering in Montpellier (France, Italy, Scotland and Palestine) were the first step of the European BDS coordination against Agrexco/Carmel was established,

– The previous support of the “Collectif national pour une paix juste et durable entre palestiniens et israéliens” to the Coalition against Agrexco/Carmel, followed by the support of ECCP (European Coordination of Committees for Palestine) to the coalition and to the European Coordination against Agrexco/Carmel,

– The active support of the BDS-France campaign, which on 24-25/11/09 laid the struggle against Agrexco/Carmel as a central activity of the BDS-France campaign,

– The support of European Coordination Via Campesina, Member of « Via Campesina » an international movement which unites millions of peasants, landless and small producers, peasant women and agricultural workers from the entire world. Via Campesina is made of 148 organizations spanning 69 countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.

– The support to the Coalition Against Agrexco/Carmel of israeli organizations: AIC (Alternative Information Center) and the “Coalition of Women for Peace” that were met during the CCIPPP Agrexco missions.

The conditions were met for congregating these forces and launching a first european action against Agrexco/Carmel in Sí¨te. It was decided that this first action would be aimed at the “maisons de la région Languedoc-Roussillon” in Milano, Brussells and London since the Regional Council headed by its President are responsible for choosing Agrexco/Carmel and making Israel the “economical ally of the region”.

Great thanks to Christophe who coordinated the time making event of november 20.

It is obvious that other actions will follow, and not only in France! These ones will target directly all the Agrexco/Carmel agencies as well as GF Group if this one persists at keeping Agrexco/Carmel as its client of the Sí¨te vegetables-fruits terminal, and at dealing with Agrexco/Carmel and exporting its products through Vado (Italy), Fos (France), Valencia (Spain), Brussells, London, etc.

The movement continues to spread:

The Swiss BDS movement asked us to participate to their meeting in Bern on Dec. 5, we hope that this will give rise to a Swiss Coalition against Agrexco/Carmel

Besides, the coalition continues to take roots at the regional level and to establish a network that will play added role in the future. After the creation of coalitions in Sí¨te, Béziers, Alí¨s-Cévennes, those of Narbonne and Sud-Gard are announced, in addition, the Palestine collective of Perpignan has been clearly involved in the struggle against Agrexco/Carmel for several months.

Ciation contre Agrexco/Carmel

Montpellier 21/11/09

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