Say NO to Leviev & Imprisonment of Palestinian Activists

Join the New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel (NYCBI)
and Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East

for a protest at the Leviev store. Stand with the villages of
Jayyous & Bil’in to say no to Leviev’s settlements and Israel”s
imprisonment of Palestinian boycott activists.
Saturday October 17th, 1- 3 PM
Leviev New York
700 Madison Avenue (bet. 62nd & 63rd Sts.)

A few weeks ago, Mohammad Othman, a boycott campaigner from Jayyous and longtime activist against the wall, was detained and imprisoned by the Israeli forces on his way back into Palestine. He is the first activist arrested for his activism around BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, AND SANCTIONS (BDS) against Israel.

The West Bank villages of Jayyous and Bil’in are under attack because they are protesting to stop the construction of Israel’s wall and Lev Leviev’s settlements on their land. Jayyous and Bil’in are key partners with Adalah-NY in the successful worldwide campaign to boycott Lev Leviev”s companies, which are major builders of Israeli settlements.

Leviev’s companies are staggering from the global economic crisis and from the worldwide boycott movement! Activists in Palestine are calling for global action on October 16th and 17th to show our opposition to Israel”s assault on Palestinian grassroots activists.

Join our protest and support the growing BDS movement.

This action is a part of two days of non-stop BDS activism around the globe. We”ll send a message to the Israeli authorities: “If you want to stop the BDS movement, you’ll have to arrest us all!”


Boycott activist Mohammad Othman, from the West Bank village of Jayyous, was abducted by Israeli forces on September 22nd on his return from Norway. Mohammad had been asking the Norwegian government to boycott companies that support Israeli repression, including Lev Leviev”s companies that are building settlements on Jayyous’ land. The people of Jayyous have been protesting, non-violently, against Leviev’s settlement and Israel’s wall for seven years. No charges have been filed against Mohammad, but his detention has now been extended until October 20th. (Info:

At the same time, Israel has stepped up repression against Bil’in’s five-year nonviolent campaign of boycott, legal suits, and protests against Leviev’s settlement and Israel’s wall on Bil’in’s land. More than 20 Bil’in activists have been arrested since June. Bil’in protester Adeeb Abu Rahme and 17 others are still being held, and Bil’in nonviolent organizer Abdullah Abu Rahme is “wanted” by the Israeli army.

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