Ahava Occupied for a Second Time in Support with Palestine: global action in Washington, London and Amsterdam

Washington, London and Amsterdam

Washington, D.C.
CODEPINK Women for Peace September 19 protest action against Ahava

VIDEO FROM September 19 AHAVA action in D.C.

London, England
Ahava Occupied for a Second Time in Support with Palestine

Excerpt: At 11 a.m. on the 19th September two members of the International Solidarity Movement entered Ahava in Covent Garden, London and closed the shop by locking themselves inside. Under the banner of “Stolen Beauty from Stolen Land”, the action was in support of the International Day of Action Against Ahava which had been called for by a number of international groups inclusive of Code Pink, Adalah NY, International Solidarity Movement, Palestine Solidarity Camapaign and the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign.

Ahava”s cosmetic products are manufactured in the illegal settlement of Mizpe Shalem. Based inside Occupied Palestinian Territory, the Israeli Settlement has stolen land and natural resources away from Palestinians. Furthermore, the sale of these products acts to finance and support war crimes committed by the Israeli state.

Under the Fourth Geneva Convention and further ruled by the International Criminal Court Act 2001, Israeli settlements are illegal. They have drawn significant condemnation internationally and are seen as a key obstacle to realising any peace agreement.

The day of action -19th September 2009 – supports the Palestinian non-violent efforts at resisting the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine through the movement for international boycotts, divestments and sanctions.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 19: International Boycott Ahava Day in the Netherlands


Fifteen women and men in white bathrobes and pink towels, carrying signs saying: ‘ Ahava, Stolen beauty’ walked around Amsterdam on the international Bocyot Ahava day. This Bathrobe Brigade informed the consumers about the ugly truth of Ahava Beauty products. They whispered to the audience about the hidden secrets of Ahava, that produces its beauty products in illegal settlements in the occupied Westbank.

Two representatives of the Bathrobe Brigade spoke to the girls who work in the shop. The shop owner wasnt present. The Bathrobe Brigade handed them information about Ahava and spoke about moral responsibility: ‘ We do not buy products that are tested on animals, we try to buy fair trade and we do not want to support a company that profits from the illegal occupation of the Palestine.’

The Bathrobe Brigade will contact the shop owner for an appointment to explain further about Ahavas dirty business.

The initiative is supported by Another Jewish Voice in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow we will give an interview for the Dutch national radio station.

Soon more photos and video will be uploaded on our blog: http://mooiniet.wordpress.com

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