The Israeli national basketball team is boycotted and not wellcomed in Zaragoza, Spain.

On august 26th, ASSI, organized in the framework of the global BDS call a Boycott activity against the presence of the Israeli National basket Team in Zaragoza, Spain.

Several dozens of activists gathered together in the entrances of Prince Felipe Pavillion and handed out leaflets and flyers explaining the Boycott calls regarding the presence of Israeli teams in Europe. They are considered “cultural ambassadors” of the State of Israel. They play whitewashing the face of Apartheid, colonialism and occupation.

Once inside, they showed banners and palestinian flags as well as shouted slogans in solidarity with Palestine when the spanish police in full coordination with israeli secret service agents forced them out of the premises and took some of them for interrogation. No arrests were made but the organizers are absolutely astonished to feel the impunity with wich plain clothes israeli security agents move around a place where they should not have any kind of jurisdiction.

Specially since 2005, Maccabi Tel Aviv has faced the same kind of Boycott activities both in Barcelona, Catalonia, and Alava, Basque Country. Everytime Israeli teams play in european cities, the face interrumptions and protests.

The Boycott activity in Zaragoza will be followed in the coming weeks by a general declaration of Maccabi Tel Aviv as “non grato” in the Spanish State.

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