Jordan breaks up ‘illegal’ sit-in against Israeli imports

The Jordanian government said Sunday that a sit-in against the import of Israeli agricultural products was forceably dispersed because had not obtained a proper protest license.

“The sit-in was illegal because the participants did not obtain a prior license in compliance with the law,” Minister of State for Information Affairs and Communication Nabil Sharif said in a statement.

He said the government was keen on the right of citizens to freedom of expression within the law.

According to eyewitnesses, a number of trade unionists and politicians were “beaten” as security men used force to end the sit-in in front of the Agriculture Ministry, which was called to protest the import of goods
from Israeli settlements set up in Palestinian territories in violation of international law.

Head of the Public Freedoms Committee at the Jordan Engineers Association, Maisara Malas, said that the protest was in conformity with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Sharif said the Interior Minister Nayef Qadi met later with leaders of the trade unions and settled the issue with them.

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