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Kickoff Actions to Deshelve Israeli Products

Saturday, June 20th–World Refugee Day

The tide of public opinion is turning against Israeli apartheid. The call for boycott, divestment and sanctions, which was initiated by Palestinian civil society in July 2005, has grown by leaps and bounds. It has been endorsed by over a dozen international labor unions, hundreds of academics and cultural workers, and thousands of organizations and individuals around the world.

It’s time for us as consumers to step up. We know stores in your area are carrying Israeli products. We are here to support you to ask these stores not to carry Israeli products. If they will not voluntarily cleanse their shelves of products that support occupation and apartheid, we are here to provide resources for you to create disencentives for stores to stock Israeli products.

Our friends in Pittsburgh have already begun deshelving, with a campaign targeting Trader Joe’s. You too can join the creative campaigns raging from Ireland and Wales to France and beyond… watch these inspiring videos.

We invite you to organize in your community and deshelve, sticker, boycott, and protest the presence of Israeli products until Israel complies with international law and human rights standards!

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