Shoppers: let’s boycott Israeli goods

Thursday, April 09, 2009, 13:58

On behalf of the newly-formed WestWilts Palestine Support Group, (Justice for Palestine, Peace for Israel) I would like to thank all those in Melksham and Bradford on Avon who took leaflets or signed the petition last week asking Sainsbury’s to boycott produce from Israel.

Israel was born in 1948, following the UN General Assembly vote to divide the former Palestine into Israel (57 per cent ) and Palestine (43 per cent)

Palestine is now reduced to 22 per cent and is broken up by 129 illegal Israeli Settlements – 480,000 settlers – and Israeli-only roads. The 4th Geneva Convention states that no occupying power should transfer its peoples into occupied land.

Since 1967 Israel has flouted the convention with impunity, confiscating Palestinian land and water to do so, supported, alas, by many Western governments.

Netanyahu is now in power, and has stated he will continue this policy and dismisses the two-state solution originally envisaged, preferring ‘economic’ help for the Palestinians.

The World Bank has stated that the number of Palestinians living below the poverty line rose from 20 per cent in 1988 to a massive 64 per cent now.

Boycotts, sanctions and divestment finally ended the apartheid regime in South Africa.

We can all make a difference now by refusing to buy Israeli oranges, avocados, dates and herbs etc from our local supermarkets and so give support to the Israeli Peace Activist groups which are working tirelessly to end the occupation which has caused such suffering to Israelis as well as Palestinians.

New members to the group are welcome. Call 01225 708021 or 01225 868195

JUDITH HAMMOND WestWilts Palestine Support Group, Bradford on Avon

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