How do I know what products to boycott, is there a list?

Posted by StopTheWall on Mon, 04/13/2009 – 07:59

If the first three numbers of the bar code are 729, the product was made by Israel, within the Green Line or in one of the Israeli-controlled industrial zones built illegally inside the West Bank. However, there are also products made by Israel which do not have a bar code or use another number. There are also product components that are made by Israel but do not carry the 729 bar code; among these are computers and clothing.

If you think a product that does not have the 729 code may have been made by Israel, within the GReen Line or in its illegal settlements or industrial zones, ask the merchant who is selling the product and/or the product manufacturer.

We are developing a list of campaigns targeting specific Israeli products. We welcome your help by sending us the names of products, companies, their websites, reasons for them being singled out as a target and information about the campaign to boycott it.

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