Support Hampshire College Divestment

In early February, Hampshire College announced that it was divesting from a mutual fund that included from six corporations supporting Israel’s military occupation – including Motorola and Caterpillar.

Now, after attack from Alan Dershowitz and other Zionist activists, Hampshire’s administration has announced that it’s divestment had nothing to do with the Israeli Occupation but rather with a general socially responsible investment policy AND is considering the possibility of reinvesting in Motorola and Terex Corp. Call on Hampshire College president, Ralph Hexter, to stand with Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine by sending the email below.

It appears that KLD, the company that is screening these companies, is not looking at their subsidiary companies – which is why Motorola is slipping through the cracks. In 1977, Hampshire College was the first U.S. college to divest from corporations profiting from South African apartheid. Applaud Hampshire College for making history and make sure that they continue to lead the way in campus activism for human rights.

Click here to send a letter to President Hexter.

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