Campaign to boycott Israeli products in 50 West Bank towns

Palestinian activists will launch a boycott campaign in the coming days targeting Israeli products in 50 villages in the northern West Bank.

The chair of the Popular Committees in Nablus, Khalid Mansour, told Ma”an that according to official statistics, Palestinians consume 2.6 billion shekels worth of Israeli goods each year. According to official Palestinian statistics, 28 percent of this money goes towards the purchase of Israeli cement.

Palestinians consume 30 million shekels worth of medicines produced in Israel every year, and 10 million worth of gold manufactured in Israel.

Mansour explained that subcommittees will be formed in each of the 50 villages in order to monitor the boycott and speak about the campaign in schools.

“We know change will go slowly, but we are determined to imitate what Gandhi did in India when he boycotted English salt,” Mansour said.

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