Take Back NYU’s demands

At the heart of the occupation is a list of 13 demands that Take Back NYU has outlined on their website. (The number 13 is in reference to the 1,300 killed in Gaza, according to CAS senior Bamu Quadir.)

While several members of the occupation have said their list of demands is negotiable, the following is an abbreviated list of what Take Back NYU is demanding:

* Public release of NYU”s annual operating budget, including salaries, financial aid data, and the funds allocated to each college and department.

* Disclosure of NYU”s endowment holdings, including companies.

* Resume union talks with the Graduate Student Organizing Committee, which ended in 2005.

* Guarantee of fair labor practices for all NYU employees at home and abroad.

* Establish a student-elected committee to oversee the university”s finances to ensure “socially responsible” spending.

* An investigation into any investments in “war and genocide profiteers” and a reassessment of the lift on the Coca-Cola ban.

* Annual scholarships be provided for 13 Palestinian students, starting this fall.

* The university donate all excess supplies to rebuild the University of Gaza.

* Tuition stabilization for all students, beginning with the class of 2012. All students will pay their initial tuition rate throughout the course of their education at NYU.

* Tuition rates for each successive year will not exceed the rate of inflation, nor shall they exceed one percent.

* The university shall meet 100 percent of government-calculated student financial need.

* Priority for student groups over corporations when reserving space in university buildings, especially the Kimmel Center.

* Access to Bobst Library for the general public.

* Full legal amnesty for students involved in the occupation.

– Thomas Garry

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