Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY by the Manchester Metropolitan University

branch of University College Union, 14 January 2009.


This branch notes:

1) The appalling loss of life, injuries and destruction caused by the Israeli government’s assault on Gaza;

2) The particular damage done to educational establishment as a result of the Israeli government’s bombardment.

This branch condemns:

I. The attack on Gaza;

II. The continuing uncritical support for Israel by the US & UK governments;

III. The siege of Gaza which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe through the denial of food, water, power and medical supplies by the Israeli government, in breach of international law which outlaws collective punishment of a civilian population;

IV. The bombardment of civilian targets and the targeting of educational establishments such as the main Universities in Gaza and the three UN schools, especially the attack on the UNRWA Al-Fakhura
school that killed 40 civilians.

This branch resolves:

a) To call for an immediate end to the attacks on Gaza and to support the mobilisations and demonstrations calling for an end to the attacks and the lifting of the siege;

b) To circulate details of demonstrations and mobilisations in support of Gaza to our members;

c) To support self-determination for the Palestinian people, the only long-term solution in the Middle East. We recognise the importance of the work in the trade unions to win support for the Palestinian people, to campaign for recognition of their rights and to bring pressure to bear on the British Government to end its complicity in denying the rights of the Palestinian people;

d) To support a ban on imports of all goods, and especially agricultural produce, from the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories;

e) To support recognition of the outcome of the last elections to the Palestinian Authority (2006) which were certified as free and fair by international observers;

f) To send this motion to the appropriate regional and national bodies;

g) To send a letter of solidarity to the staff and students at Islamic University of Gaza and the Al-Azhar University – Gaza. To approach other campus Trade Unions to support this letter and to publicise it to our membership and the wider public;

h) To call upon the British government to make efforts to suspend the EU/Israeli trade agreement;

i) To invite a member of Bricup to address this and the Manchester University branch of UCU on the question of academic boycott;

j) To send a donation and encourage members to donate to the TUC Aid – Give for Gaza appeal;

k) To ask the MMU Vice-Chancellor to explore the possibility of academic links with the Islamic University of Gaza;

l) To identify an appropriate trade union organisation in Gaza or the West Bank, with the aim of arranging a twinning agreement;

m) To organise a protest rally and encourage all members to support it through appropriate action;

n) To send a rep to the Manchester Gaza Solidarity Campaign;

o) To organise a teach-in on Gaza in Manchester.


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