Boycotting Israeli Goods…

By Ayesha Niser

I challenge you to help free Palestine! In order to help with the Boycott I’ve chosen one company to focus our energy on. That company is Nestle.

Nestle is heavily invested in Israel and has “received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the “State of Israel” in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to STRENGTHEN the Israeli economy”

Nestle is an easy company to boycott because of their wide range of products. And you usually see Nestle’s name on the front of everything.

So you’re thinking how am I not going to have a Kit Kat bar? Well good question, have you ever wondered how the caramel got into a Caramilk bar? Or, You can’t take away Nescafe, what are we going to drink? How about Maxwell house?

See you have choices. You can choose the children of Palestine or help their oppressors live the good life with full bellies, clean water, and electricity. It is your choice, to have power and strength or be weak and powerless.

I’m going to explain why it will take a few months for Nestle’s to respond to our boycott.

– Every month large companies look at how much money they made based on different products and different parts of the world. They compare these numbers to the last month, to the same month last year and what they budgeted. And this is where your efforts come in. When they see that all of a sudden they made less money this month they have to research why. And they actually have to write it down. And what will they have to write why they lost money, it will say BOYCOTT.

– So will they listen to us right away? Yes and no, they are going to try and convince us to come back to buy their products. They will do this by having their chocolate bars at 2 or 3 for a dollar. Who doesn’t love a bargain? We don’t love a bargain, we will not sell the souls of the children of Gaza for a dollar. This is the one time where I encourage you to spend more money. They will also have contests to buy their products. Like if you buy three boxes of Nestle cereal you can win a trip to Disney, Hawaii, etc. We don’t need these trips, we need Palestine to be FREE. Do not give into temptation. Remember for 60 years we have resisted their calls to destroy the Palestinian people. We can and will resist their marketing ploys.

– They will write on their website and have responses to say that they have operations in each country and that your product is not made in Israel. For example the might say Nestle products of the USA are made locally and do you want local people to lose their jobs in this economy. First the products usually are made locally, but the research of Nestle is done in Israel. So, the Israelis are telling you what tastes good. Are you going to let the Israelis tell us what to do? NO!! As for the jobs and the local economy, well if it means that Nestle has to lay off people that means that the money we spent on Kellogg, Cadbury, etc should increase the number of jobs at those companies so people can go work there. When you take your dollars from one company, you are giving it to another. So you are still helping the economy. Basically they are trying to trick you. But we are smarter and better than that.

Now for the challenge. I want all of you to boycott Nestle, all their products and find substitutes. Post this article on your Facebook walls, spread widely in emails, etc. We can help each other. Second everyone is to find three friends and convince them to join the challenge. Do not just forward this message, people ignore them, I know I do sometimes. And ask them to be honest if they are going to join or not. If 2 out of the three will join you need to find a third friend. And you have these friends convince at least 3 friends. Try to find friends around the world to join the boycott. The more people and countries involved the better.

Valentine’s Day and Easter is when companies make the most money from chocolate sales. They depend on this money for the rest of the year. The power is ours. Buy Cadbury Easter eggs, Caramilk bars, etc… Let’s win this challenge.

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