Apartheid Week Organizing

Hi Uscom4acbi,

I wanted to figure out a bit how we might be able to coordinate…I am a part of the organizing committee for Israeli Apartheid Week in New York. This year is the 5th international IAW. IAW started in Toronto in 2005 after the unified Palestinian BDs call came out, and has been growing ever since with the goals of developing a depper analysis and raising awareness about Israeli aparheid towards strengthening local BDS work, while also strengthening coordination between BDS work globally. This year more than 40 cities around the world will be participating in the first week of March in events on these topics. You can see more at


In New York, we have been engaged in BDS work through the Boycott Lev Leviev campaign, and that continues to eveolve, but in addition, this year during IAW we will have an event specifically on the cultural boycott with Omar Barghouti, Ahdaf Soueif, Remi Kanazi, and Mustafa Bayoumi moderating. We have been doing targeted outreach to artists and cultural producers about this event, especially using a letter of invitation to the event signed by Ahdaf Soueif and John Berger. Also as a part of the week, we will be having an event about NYU’s new campus in Tel Aviv, as a first step toward reviving the old NYU divestment campaign possibility.

So…We are wondering if:

a) you would help us advertise this event by circulating the information, and/or posting the letter on your site

b) you could link to Israeli apartheid Week website http://www.apartheidweek.org/

c) you might let us know what we can do in terms of linking to your site etc.

d) we should have a conversation between someone from your team with someone from ours to update each other on what we all are up to. We can, of course, all keep checking each other’s websites, but we should have some conversations beyond just exchanging press releases.



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