170 Members of NYU’s Faculty Release Statement & Petition Calling for Reinstatement of Suspended Take Back NYU Students

Feb 25th, 2009 by Take Back NYU!

As NYU faculty, we call on the Administration to reinstate those students who have been summarily suspended for their recent protest at Kimmel, pending proper hearings by NYU”s disciplinary board. If there is disciplinary action, it should follow–not precede–fair hearings, in which both sides are represented and the faculty consulted.

The Administration”s statement on the Kimmel occupation focused only on student misconduct, thereby failing to acknowledge that the protest took place in response to the Administration”s conduct of university business. We therefore call on the Administration to address the serious policy issues that the protest has now raised, by working with the faculty, students, and staff to establish a university-wide fiscal accountability committee. In these hard times, candor and transparency are essential, if NYU”s economic policies are not to cause more friction, misunderstanding, and civil disobedience.

Allegations of excessive use of force against the protesters should be investigated promptly by an independent university committee.

We view the Kimmel occupation as symptomatic of a deeper malady afflicting NYU: a lack of educational community. In such a community, students would not find it necessary to take over buildings to make their voices heard and their ideas respected.

Signatures after the jump. (170+ Tuesday morning)

Thomas Abercrombie, Anthropology
Rodolfo Aiello, Spanish and Portuguese
Gwendolyn Alker, Drama
Awam Amkpa, Social and Cultural Analysis
Emily Apter, French and Comparative Literature
John Archer, English
Caron Atlas, Art and Public Policy
Adam Becker, Classics and Religious Studies
Thomas Bender, History
Amy Bentley, Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health
Howard Besser, Cinema Studies
JungBong Choi, Cinema Studies
Jan Clausen, Draper Program
Joy Connolly, Classics
Manthia Diawara, Institute for African American Affairs
Ana Maria Dopico, Comparative Literature/Spanish and Portuguese
Georgina Dopico Black, Spanish and Portuguese
Neil Brenner, Sociology and Social and Cultural Analysis
Herrick Chapman, History and Institute of French Studies
Gene Cittadino, Gallatin
Robby Cohen, Teaching and Learning
Catherine Coray, Drama
Patricia Crain, English
Suzanne Cusick, Music
Arlene Davila, Anthropology and Social and Cultural Analysis
Patrick Deer, English
David Dent, Journalism and Social and Cultural Analysis
Mark Dery, Journalism
Hasia Diner, Hebrew and Judaic Studies and History
Carolyn Dinshaw, English and Social and Cultural Analysis
E. L. Doctorow, English
Lisa Duggan, Social and Cultural Analysis
Stephen Duncombe, Gallatin
Troy Duster, Sociology
Tamer el-Leithy, Middle Eastern Studies
Julie Elman, Social and Cultural Analysis
Henry Em, East Asian Studies
Kathy Engel, Gallatin
Khaled Fahmy, Middle Eastern Studies
Ada Ferrer, History
Hartry Field, Philosophy
Karen Finley, Art and Public Policy
Sibylle Fischer, Spanish & Portuguese
JoEllen Fisherkeller, Media, Culture, and Communication
Paul Fleming, German
Juan Flores, Social and Cultural Analysis
Luis Francia, Social and Cultural Analysis
Miriam Frank, Liberal Studies
Sharon Friedman, Gallatin
Brett Gary, Media, Culture, and Communication
Gabriel Giorgi, Spanish and Portuguese
Michael Gilsenan, Middle Eastern Studies
Faye Ginsburg, Anthropology
Gayatri Gopinath, Social and Cultural Analysis
Alfonso Gonzales, Social and Cultural Analysis
Linda Gordon, History
Manu Goswami, History
Greg Grandin, History
Jean Graybeal, Gallatin
Jeffrey Goodwin, Sociology
Ed Guerrero, Cinema Studies and Social and Cultural Analysis
Sally Guttmacher, Public Health
Hala Halim, Comparative Literature & Middle Eastern Studies
Yukiko Hanawa, East Asian Studies
Lynne Haney, Sociology
Harry Harootunian, East Asian Studies
Phil Harper, English and Social and Cultural Analysis
Martin Harries, English
Christine Harrington, Politics and Law & Society
Barbara Heyns, Sociology
Robert Hinton, Social and Cultural Analysis
Martha Hodes, History
Kristin Horton, Gallatin
Allen Hunter, Steinhardt.
Katherine Hurbis-Cherrier, Film and Television
Steve Hutkins, Gallatin
John Jost, Psychology
Faranza Kapadia, Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health
Marion Kaplan, Hebrew and Judaic Studies
Rebecca Karl, History
Julia Keydel, Film and Television
David Kirkland, Teaching and Learning
Terry Knickerbocker, Drama
Zoya Kocur, Art and Arts Professions
Michael Landy, Psychology
Andrew Lee, Bobst Library
Zachary Lockman, Middle Eastern Studies
Michele Lowrie, Classics
David Ludden, History
Steven Lukes, Sociology
Randy Martin, Art and Public Policy
Anna McCarthy, Cinema Studies
John Maynard, English
Annette Michelson, Cinema Studies
Mark Crispin Miller, Media, Culture and Communication
Bella Mirabella, Gallatin
Nicolas Mirzoeff, Media, Culture and Communication.
Michele Mitchell, History
Sylvia Molloy, Spanish and Portuguese
Jim Morgan, Art History
Jennifer Morgan, History and Social and Cultural Analysis
José Muñoz, Performance Studies
Fred Myers, Anthropology
Michael Nash, Bobst Library
Mary Nolan, History
Paul North, German
Lorie Novak, Photography & Imaging
Tavia Nyong”o, Performance Studies
Bertell Ollman, Politics
Crystal Parikh, Social and Cultural Analysis
Michael Peachin, Department of Classics
Marta Peixoto, Spanish and Portuguese
Ann Pellegrini, Performance Studies & Religious Studies
Denis Pelli, Psychology and Neural Science
Leslie Peirce, History and Middle Eastern Studies
Rene Poitevin, Gallatin
Dana Polan, Cinema Studies
Anne Rademacher, Social and Cultural Analysis and Environmental Studies
Joseph Rafter, Teaching and Learning
Michael Ralph, Social and Cultural Analysis
Maia Ramnath, Draper Program
Nancy Regalado, French
Timothy Reiss, Comparative Literature
Moss Roberts, East Asian Studies
Agnieszka Roginska, Music and Perfoming Arts Professions
Patricia Romandetto, Teaching and Learning
Avital Ronell, German and Comparative Literature
Renato Rosaldo, Social and Cultural Analysis
Andrew Ross, Social and Cultural Analysis
Kristin Ross, Comparative Literature
William Ruddick, Philosophy
Yumary Ruiz, Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health
Aiofe Ryan, Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health
Chris Rzonca, ACT-UAW Local 7902
Josefina Saldaña, Social and Cultural Analysis
Jeff Sammons, History
Andrew Sartori, History
Karen Sharif-Mcleod, Teaching and Learning
Ella Shohat, Arts Politics and Middle Eastern Studies
Sukhdev Sandhu, Social and Cultural Analysis and English
William Serrin, Journalism
Karen Shimakawa, Performance Studies
George Shulman, Gallatin
Nikhil Singh, Social and Cultural Analysis and History
John Singler, Linguistics
Lok Siu, Anthropology and Social and Cultural Analysis
Marita Sturken, Media, Culture and Communication
Constance Sutton, Anthropology
M. Trika Smith-Burke, Educational Psychology
Jeffrey Spear, English
Judith Stacey, Sociology and Social and Cultural Analysis
Robert Stam, Cinema Studies
Connie Sutton, Anthropology
Jack Tchen, Social and Cultural Analysis and Gallatin
Paul Thompson, Film and Television
Sinclair Thomson, History
Thuy Linh Tu, Social and Cultural Analysis
Diana Turk, Teaching and Learning
Jim Uleman, Psychology
Robert Vorlicky, Drama
Daniel Walkowitz, History and Social and Cultural Analysis
Barbara Weinstein, History
Grant Wenaws, Music and Perfoming Arts Professions
Michael Westerman, Psychology
Deb Willis, Photography and Imaging
Marilyn Young, History
Jonathan Zimmerman, Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions

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