Spanish boycott letter

Dear Islamic University of Gaza, Bir Zeit University, PCHR,

Concerned about the recently halted Israeli aggression against Gaza and keeping in mind the long history of continuous Israeli and Zionist aggressions against Palestinians, some professors, students and employees at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (Uned) -Spanish Distance Learning University-, have met several times since early January to:

1. Condemn Israel latest aggression against Gaza and its never
ending policies against Palestinians.

2. Show solidarity with all Palestinians, mainly those living in
Gaza, and specially those involved in the education sector.

3. Plan activities at the university and coordinate with other
concerned groups in and out of the academia working for justice
and human rights in Palestine.

4. Ask the university authority to condemn Israeli aggressions and
to severe links with Israeli universities which do not condemn
both the attacks against Gaza and the occupation of Palestinian

Up until now (January 24th , 2009) we have mobilised an 85 strong group of professors, students and employees at the Uned through an email, poster and add campaign.

We have increased and started links with some other concerned colleagues at several Spanish universities: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III (Madrid), Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad de Alicante.

We hope more links will be established soon, also with some other non university organisations involved with Palestinian issues. The aim is to increase awareness amongst university campuses all over Spain and hopefully to agree about a common course of action regarding our position on Israel’s aggressions and occupation of Palestinian lands.

Last Thursday 22th, we have met with the Uned’s president to ask him to back our demand for an official university condemnation of the Israeli attacks plus the severing of links with Israeli counterparts which do not condemn the Israeli aggression and occupation policies.

He told us that in the next few days he will be holding another meeting with us to propose us an official draft document, which would be voted by the main university governing board in its regular meeting at the end of February.

Whatever his decision, we have already circulated around some Spanish universities a condemnation document, already signed by around 200 people at the Uned. Besides, it has already been circulated to the aforementioned universities and we have learnt that some other concerned people at other Spanish universities have already done the same in their own campuses without any contacts with us up until now.

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