X-Factor’s Stacy Solomon withdraws from “celebrate Israel” concert

Exclusive to ISM London

Representatives for X-Factor runner-up Stacy Solomon said today that the singer would no longer be performing at the Zionist Federation”s “celebration of Israeli independence” on Monday.

The move comes after activists part of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli apartheid wrote to Solomon to ask that she withdraw from the event.

A spokesperson from Modest Management distanced Solomon from the controversial event today. Ben Evans said: “Stacey was actually never confirmed for the aforementioned event, despite reports stating otherwise. Stacey in fact has other commitments that evening. Regardless of this and I stress, Stacey was simply asked to sing just like any other club/corporate booking enquiry.”

Last week the Palestinian-Israeli Mira Awad singer withdrew from the same event after pressure from the BDS movement both within Palestine and globally. In a statement posted on Facebook Awad stated the “complexity of this date” to her – a reference to Israel”s 1947-48 ethnic cleansing of around 750,000 Palestinians which led to the founding of Israel.

Following Awad”s withdrawal, the Zionist Federation changed its advertising and told the press that X-Factor runner up, Stacey Solomon would now perform instead.

The last-minute nature of Solomon”s withdrawal seems to call into question whether or not the event will even go ahead.

At 3.45pm this afternoon, Solomon”s picture was still on the publicity for the event on the ZF website.

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