Timeline for Israel’s accession to OECD

OECD Council adopted a “road map for the accession of Israel to the OECD convention” in November 2007 ?- Since then a range of committees made of specialist technical officials from the OECD members states have been working through all the issues Israel needs to address to come into line with OECD standards. ?- Israel has agreed to abide by these measures and amend its practices, policies and laws where needed.

The technical working committees have completed their assessments and submitted their reports back on compliance in each area.

The question of Israel”s accession is now under examination by the OECD Executive Committee (a sub-group of member state representatives that prepares detailed decisions) until 14 April.

The issue will then be considered by the OECD Council (permanent representatives of all 31 member states) on 29 April and 6 May.

The Council will then make a final recommendation back to member state governments on May 11

A decision is expected shortly before the annual OECD Ministerial Council in Paris on 27 – 28 May.

If agreed, the approval of membership will be formally presented to the new member countries during the Council at the level of ministers.

It is important to note that, as decisions on accession are based on consensus, a single OECD member can block or delay Israel”s accession.

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