Sample letter – we are only days away, keep up the pressure

Download sample letter here

Dear friends,

Attached to this e-mail is an english translation of a letter sent to the OECD delegation of Sweden by The Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden (PGS). PGS is distributing the document as a sample letter without restrictions for other organizations to pick up, translate, modify and send to their countries” representatives. The letter is intended to be sent in two copies, one to your foreign ministry and one to your OECD-delegation.
(Delegations per country can be found at

The Palestine Solidartity Association of Sweden (PGS) has launched a campaign site against Israeli membership in OECD. This is not meant to be a coordinated campaign but an encouragement for others to act against the Israeli membership, and to coordinate engaged organizations. You can find the sample letter among other things on the site. Please inform us if you want to be linked from the site!

Please redistribute this e-mail in your contact networks! We are short of time but strong in our cause.

Further information: info[at]

Thanks for your support,
The Palestine Solidartity Association of Sweden (PGS)

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