Where’s BDS? Israeli firms to secure World Cup

by Bruce Wolman on February 25, 2010

For readers active in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement, here is an obvious target that has been overlooked. According to today”s Jerusalem Post,

“Over 30 Israeli companies are set to help South Africa secure this summer”s Soccer World Cup, via hi-tech security products ranging from rocket-proof shields to cameras that can climb up poles and broadcast panoramic pictures to control shelters.

Israeli companies are already playing a huge role in South Africa,” Marc Kahlberg, managing director of M.K. International Security Consulting, which represents several of the companies, said on Wednesday.

“They will help secure the stadiums, airport and parking lots, and their products will be used by private security firms and government in South Africa…”

Evidently, this fruitful relationship between the country that ended apartheid and the country accused by its own leaders of heading towards apartheid has been budding for several years,

“Kahlberg said the fruitful trade was underpinned by a relationship that began in 2007 between his own company; former South African ambassador to Israel Fumi Gjabi, a former general in the South African Defense Force; and Moshe Leder, head of Global Business Development for the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, as well as Israel”s Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry.”

Maybe BDS can get Nelson Mandela and the Congress of South African Trade Unions to use their influence.

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