June 20, World Refugee Day: Trader Joe’s Consumers Take Action for Palestinian Rights

Don’t Buy Into Apartheid!

On Saturday, June 20, activists will gather at Trader Joe”s in different cities to demand that the company stop carrying Israeli goods such as Israeli Couscous, Dorot frozen herbs, as well as Pastures of Eden Feta cheese. A letter was sent to Trader Joe’s on June 6, 2009 but no response has been received yet. More than 200 individuals and organizations signed the letter. Note that we are not calling for a boycott of Trader Joe’s.

Join us in this nationwide action! Plan one in your local community!

Why World Refugee Day?

The group chose June 20th for its kickoff action because it is World Refugee Day, a day recognized world wide to spotlight refugees displaced by war and persecution. Of the eleven million refugees in the world today, over seven million are Palestinian refugees displaced as a direct result of the founding of the state of Israel, many for over 60 years.

Why this action?

In 2005, a broad coalition of Palestinian groups issued a call for the international community to place boycott, divestment and sanctions(BDS) on Israel based on its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and discriminatory laws. We are joining the growing movement BDS movement across the world.

Why Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe”s is a company with an excellent reputation for bringing a diverse array of high-quality foods from around the world to U.S. consumers. Customers of Trader Joe’s have the reputation of being more socially and environmentally conscious. As Trader Joe”s consumers we are part of a growing movement of people globally who are calling on businesses to be consistent in following ethical business practices.

What you can do?

Check out QUIT’s website for ideas for action. It can be as simple as handing literature posted on the website or handing a letter to the store manager in your local area. It doesn’t have to be Trader Joe’s. You can select whichever store you prefer. Join the action on Facebook.

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